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Music Production


Let’s talk, organise and plan everything together from the beginning!

  • Demos and pre-production

  • Recordings

  • Mixing

  • Mastering

We can also talk about:

  • Aesthetics

  • Target listeners

  • Promotion

  • Artwork/Design

  • Videos

  • Distribution

  • Social Media management

  • Bookings

  • Record Labels

For this special and complete package, I can only make an offer if I know all details, so contact me and please write down your thoughts in organised and detailed manner.

Sound Design / Film Scoring

Composition of music, creation of soundscapes, sound effects and in general sound treatment for videos, movies, theatre, performances etc. Contact me for details and offer.


  • Single Track: 15 euros

  • Mini Album: 25 euros

  • Full Album: 40 euros


  • Upload for life at once

  • Free ISRC codes

  • A landing page to promote your digital release on your social media 

  • We will be available anytime for questions, additional services and helping you out with your release.

Digital Distribution

If you already have an album, EP or single finished we can help you out releasing it and distributing it to all well known streaming and download platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Soundcloud etc. You just need to provide us the sound files, some info and a PayPal account that we can connect with your possible earnings.

If you want us to optimize the sound of your music for streaming platforms read THIS first.


Bandcamp is a completely different thing and it’s up to the artist or record label to manage. If you need to we can help you out creating a page and set up everything professionally for you. Use Contact form for details.


  • Standard high resolution uncompressed audio files
    – WAV or AIFF [44100 Hz, 16 bits]

  • Fill out an .rtf or any text file containing release and personal related information
    – Artist/Band name
    – Release title (album title)
    – Tracklist
    – Noted which tracks are instrumental
    – Noted which track have explicit lyrics
    – Noted if there’s a cover track and license
    – Your PayPal address to receive your possible income

  • Cover Art and Images
    – Cover artwork (perfect square with a size between 3000x3000px and 6000x6000px in .png or .jpeg)
    – A band/artist photo if possible

  • Upload files
    – Upload a .rar or .zip file containing the information form, audio and cover artwork.

  • Send us a download link
    – Have all files available on Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive or Sync.
    – Send the files to
    – If all these steps are too complicated for you just contact us and we’ll guide you through.

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