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Stavros Zacharias is a Greek producer and liricist for movies and videogames. Being obsessed with different kinds of music since being a child was the reason of him starting his interest in music edm, and getting in the dark and atmosferic sound that often combined electronic and dark sounds. Moreover, with his epic and contemporary sounds, today he manages to produce unconvencional sounds. Since 2010 he cooperates with important and renowned Greek artists having as masterpiece the one with Giorgos Alkaios ( an ethnic artist with international success, fame and golden&platinum albums and of course a participacion in the competition  of Eurovision in 2010-representing his country,Greece.) In 2018 he establishes his own record label "Cross Productions" releasing 6 full albums.
Addinionaly, he releases many digital songs entering many top charts. Though, his biggest success is the one ,found as #1 in Billboard among 200 World Albums, while for many weeks his songs were placed first, between 100 top music hits  on iTunes Charts, having the first place in Greece, Norway, South Africa and getting the forth place
in 100 top hits on iTunes of America and Bulgaria. In 2021 Stavros starts making orchestrations, mixes, Mastering and cooperates with Giannis Zouganelis making the mastering of his last albums. Moreover, he becomes part of Nivo (Nikos Vourliotis) & Going Through , one of the most succesfull and famous rap bands in Greece and in abroad as well.
Its crystal clear that in 2023 , Stavros will eagerly have many more collaborations with artists from abroad ensuring that success is around the corner!

Crooss productions is about music and sound design, theme song, soundtrack, promotion from Trailers, TV Spots, Movies, Video Games, Series...
Home of composer Stavros Zacharias.Cross Productions is a music production studio specializing in unique is about music and sound design...

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